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How To Create a Lifestyle You Love – 3 Day Overview

Day 1

The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

Harness your vision to create a lifestyle you love. Have you ever dreamed of making your own schedule or being your own boss? What is Virtual Assistant work? How will it help me to create the life I have always dreamed of?

Day 2

What types of VA’s are there?

Identify the skillset that you have to offer. This is a fun and interactive day of coaching where you will learn how to use what your skills to create your own business. You may be surprised to find how many skills you already have!

Day 3

Earning Potential Possibilities

Earnings Calculator. Learn how much money you can make as a Virtual Assistant with your specific skillset. Here you will get to ask all those pressing questions about money. Creating your own business as a Virtual Assistant is not just another job.

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